About us

The Henry James Watch Co is an acclaimed timepiece brand from AustraliaThe Henry James Watch Co is an acclaimed timepiece brand from Australia. Henry James Watch Co was the brainchild of the enduring personal and professional relationship of two Sydney-based friends and businessmen. The brand precisely captures the beauty of living life in leisure. Our designs are inspired by the 0wonderful landscapes and culture of Mediterranean’s exclusive residences.

As durable as its construction and quality reflect the solidity of the friendship and entrepreneurial acumen of its founders. We are proud of our innovative approach to creating timepieces with the finest style and best quality. Henry James Watch Co has carved its name in the industry with its dependable products of utmost integrity and versatility.

We’re All About Quality and Durability

Fueled by a burning passion for creating unique and high-quality timepieces, Henry James Watch Co was able to establish itself as the leading Australian watch brand. Our brand makes its mark with two distinctive characters – durability and quality – and through which, allowed us to gain an impressive stronghold in the Australian timepiece market.  

Our timepieces are by their very nature durable simply because their components were directly sourced from a reputable Swiss time maker. We ensure that your watches stay with you for all events of your life and at all times, making them the most indispensable accessory in your person.

Culminating style, design, and innovation, we take pride in our watches’ outstanding quality. We have established our name, the Henry James Watch Co, for our cutting-edge technology and creativity, giving our wearers utmost confidence in all our products. We’re always up to the challenge of creating beautiful timepieces that exude elegance and functionality without any compromise. These are simply our benchmarks for all our products.  

Timepieces that Exceed Expectations

We understand how important time is for you, so we made sure that our products stand up, even exceed your expectations in all aspects. Henry James Watch Co is all about timepieces that you can take anywhere and display with confidence while giving you a luxurious appeal that no other accessory can ever match.

Our commitment to excellence and providing the best possible quality to our customers has driven us into tremendous growth since the company’s inception. By simply wearing our products, we believe we are making a difference to you, our customers.

And most importantly, we are proud that people from all walks of life around the globe have placed their trust and confidence to Henry James Watch Co as the ultimate tool of choice to keeping track of time. Rest assured, we will always be glad to be with you each time, all the time.